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Who are we?

We could talk about the who, what, where and when, about our history of providing quality tours in Italy (73 tours & services now!) But really, all that matters is the why, at the heart of which is two words:

Take walks.

At Walks of New York we believe that the best way to travel is to walk. We believe in slow travel, no matter how long your trip. In taking the time to appreciate your surroundings and learn a little about the local history and culture – to eat as locals do and discover those hidden nooks and crannies that they proudly show to visiting friends.

We believe in discovering a city at ground level, which is why our tours focus not so much on the facts and figures, but on the stories and legends behind those – the little details that make a city, a building, a painting or even a street corner so special. On the seasonal ingredients and culture that make the food so different.

We believe in walking, not cattle herding, which is why we keep our group sizes to 12 people or fewer, so you can always interact with your guide.

We believe in supporting local industry, which is why all of our suppliers and the people you meet on our tours are locals, and why we've partnered with local associations such as the Broadway League, chef Mario Batali and Eldridge Street Synagogue. That's why your tour guides are locals too – so you're really getting a local insight.

Wherever you travel, take some time to slow down and really see the place you're visiting — take some time to take walks.

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