A Night in Bushwick

A night in Bushwick is not to be missed

New York City neighborhoods are constantly rising and falling in popularity and, what was once an area to be avoided, can fast become the new ‘it’ place to spend a Saturday night. One neighborhood on the rise is Bushwick in Brooklyn. With its dive bars, hipster restaurants, quirky street art and young population, it’s fast becoming one of the coolest (and cheapest) places for a night out in the Big Apple. Our blogger spent a night in Bushwick – here are her tips for how to paint this neighborhood red…

Pizza Party

It’s never wise to kick-off an evening on the town on an empty stomach so, before you hit Bushwick’s bars, we recommend filling yourself up with pizza at the aptly named Bushwick Pizza Party. Grab a seat at one of the spacious booths and use some of the markers provided to play a game of hangman on the vinyl table cover while you decide which delicious pizza to order.

There are several amazing options on the menu (our favourite is the ‘Hawaiian Shirt’) and the large costs just $18! As well as delicious pizza, there’s also a great selection of cheap drinks and decks of playing cards at every table— perfect for kicking off the night with a fun drinking game!

a night in Bushwick

Aerial performers at ‘House of Yes’

Boobie Trap

Located just across the street from Bushwick Pizza Party is Boobie Trap. This place is as quirky as they come with neon lights, a drag-queen bartender and plenty of interesting decor! Like Pizza Party, there’s also plenty to do aside from drinking. Ask the bartender for some Crayola and have yourself a little art competition or seat yourself at one of the tables and challenge your drinking buddy to a game of snakes and ladders.

The Johnsons

At this point in your evening you’ll be feeling ready to party so hop on the L train and head to The Johnsons, one of most popular bars in the area. With its outdoor bed, swinging basket chairs and $3 beers, it’s hard to imagine this place existing anywhere other than Bushwick. It has a super laid-back vibe and the staff mix some of the tastiest cocktails in the ‘hood.

House of Yes

A night in Bushwick wouldn’t be complete without some dancing! After chilling out at The Johnsons it’ll be time to hit the dance floor and there’s no better place in Bushwick to get your groove on than at House of Yes. Once an ice warehouse, the space has been converted into a massive dance floor complete with aerial performers, fire breathers and some of the best DJs in the borough. House of Yes is open until 4am so you can keep dancing and mingling with the young, hip crowd until your feet can’t take anymore.

As the sky begins to lighten you might start to feel a rumbling in your tummy. Before you go get some well-earned sleep, make a quick stop at Tina’s Place, a good old fashioned American diner. Whether you opt for a stack of pancakes with maple syrup or a sausage, egg and cheese sandwich, there really is no better way to end your fun-filled evening across the East River.

Have you spent a night in Bushwick? Share your tips in the comment section below.

About the author: A Night in Bushwick was written by Ruth Aravena, an Irish travel blogger and newly-initiated resident of NYC. She joined forces with Walks of New York to get to grips with the city during her first few weeks of residence. The tours are ours, but all opinions are her own.