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Grand Central Terminal’s 100th Birthday: Events, Exhibits and More

Grand Central Terminal 100

Grand Central Terminal… is celebrating its 100th birthday! Beloved for its beauty and design, the Grand Central Terminal in New York might just be the most famous railway station in the world. Which means some serious celebrating! On February 1, 2013, exactly 100 years since its inaugural day, a year-long celebration kicked off. A morning rededication […]

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The Chrysler Building: A History and How-To

Chrysler Building spire

The Chrysler building is one of New York’s most famous landmarks. And most stunning: If Manhattan’s skyline is “the city’s crown,” as H.G. Wells called it, then the Chrysler Building is perhaps its finest jewel. The 77-story tower, an Art Deco treasure, is the ultimate symbol of New York’s elegance and energy. Want to know how the […]

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Snaphot: The Flatiron Building

Flatiron Buillding, NYC

The famous Flatiron Building, one of NYC’s earliest skyscrapers (1902).  The building was so ahead of its time, New Yorkers feared it would topple over.  Rising 22 stories, it’s distinctive wedge shape is determined by its narrow triangular plot at the intersection of Broadway and 5th Avenue.  The building’s narrowest point is merely six feet […]

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Go like a Local: Walking the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge—the world’s first steel suspension bridge—is a beloved landmark and a cultural icon of NYC. It’s been celebrated in art, poetry, song, and on film. The mastermind behind the bridge called it “the greatest engineering work of the age… a great work of art.” And we have to agree! Here’s what to know […]

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Best Things to do in NYC: Visit Grand Central Terminal

New York’s Grand Central Terminal isn’t just a train depot—it’s the symbol of a bygone era and one of the most popular attractions in the world. But just because you’ve seen this iconic place in pictures and movies, don’t think that you know everything about it. The titanic train station is sitting on a treasure trove […]

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Crossroads of the World: The Walks Guide to Times Square Attractions

Times Square epitomizes New York City – big, chaotic, crowded, flashy, and awe-inspiring.  Known as “the Crossroads of the World,” this canyon-like space is created by the intersection of Broadway (curving westward) and Seventh Avenue.  Seen in photos, films and TV (especially every New Year’s Eve), it is one of the great gathering places of […]

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Art of Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center offers stunning examples of Art Deco design, architecture and art works.  Built at the height of the Great Depression, John D. Rockefeller set out to create a commercial center “as beautiful as possible.”  As you can see, he achieved that goal, offering some of the world’s most magnificent public art. (Click on the […]

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