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A Sugar Lover’s Guide to Brooklyn

a sugar lovers guide to brooklyn

Doughnuts, cupcakes, waffles, sundaes—everywhere you turn you in New York City there is another restaurant or diner serving tasty sweet treats. But, it’s not only Manhattan that offers the sugar fix you desire. Just across the bridge, Brooklyn is harboring some deliciously sweet secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Our New York based blogger […]

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Best New Restaurants NYC

The best new restaurants NYC has to offer Vegan, gluten-free, Mediterranean, Asian – whatever food tickles your taste buds, New York has it.  One thing is guaranteed in this city, there’ll always be a new eatery everyone is raving about for you to try. To stay ahead of the food pack, here are 10 of the best new […]

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Things to do in Lower Manhattan

Best known for being home to Wall Street, there are lots of exciting and interesting things to do in Lower Manhattan. The area offers plenty of sightseeing opportunities and is steeped in fascinating American history. Since the market crash, many office blocks have been converted into apartments, and the growing number of bars, restaurants and […]

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9/11 Memorial Museum

A life-changing visit to the 9/11 Memorial Museum The 9/11 Memorial Museum is unlike any other museum I’ve ever visited in the entire world. Gone are the feelings of awe and fascination that you would typically experience at a museum. These feelings are instead replaced by a sense of shock and, on some occasions, absolute […]

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Rooftop Bars NYC

Discover which rooftop bars in NYC you MUST visit If you’ve ticked the Top of the Rock and the Empire State Building off your New York sightseeing list but you’re still hungry for a view of the Manhattan skyline, it’s time to discover the best rooftop bars NYC has to offer. There are a large number […]

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Lower East Side Tour

Cultural diversity and incredible eats on the Lower East Side tour Wander through the streets of Manhattan’s Lower East Side, and it’s clear, almost immediately, that this neighbourhood is the true definition of a cultural melting pot. To your right, you’ll find a historic Jewish synagogue, to your left a bustling Chinese restaurant. On one corner […]

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Meet Battery Park’s Queen: Zelda the Turkey

Zelda - Queen of Battery Park

There are plenty of celebrities in lower Manhattan… and foul creatures abound in the Financial District.  But one famous, fowl lady has become a beloved institution: Zelda, the wild turkey known as “The Queen of Battery Park.” Zelda has ruled the roost in Battery Park (which just happens to be the site of the city’s […]

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