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Snapshot: Artist in Bryant Park

Artist in Bryant Park

This photo, taken August 2nd, shows an artist painting in beautiful Bryant Park.  She is part of the inaugural Bryant Park Painter-in-Residence Program, in which four artists were commissioned to work in the park.  Each artist was assigned a two week period, given a stipend, and asked to create representational images of the park. Bryant […]

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Snapshot: Jazz Quartet in Washington Square Park

Jazz Quartet Wash Square Park

This photo was taken on a beautiful Sunday morning in Washington Square Park.  The Jazz Quartet was quite good, as evidenced by the large audience they attracted (and their overflowing tip bag). Note: the trumpeter is playing two at once. Jazz music and musicians have been an integral part of Greenwich Village since the early […]

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Snapshot: NYC Water Tanks

NYC water towers

Snapshot: NYC Water tanks southwest of Union Square.  These rooftop tanks have been a familiar sight since the 19th Century, and are required on buildings over 6 stories to regulate water pressure via gravity (okay, I don’t really understand how it works).  The water most NYC apartment dwellers use for drinking, cooking, and bathing are stored […]

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Snapshot: Angel on Cathedral of St. John the Divine

Angel, St John the Divine

This angel graces the West Front (main entrance) of the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.  Although work began in 1892, the cathedral is still a work in progress. Construction of the West Front commenced between 1925-1933, but relatively new sculptures and columns have recently been added.  Some of the work is created by members […]

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Manhattan’s Micro-Apartments: A Part of Living in New York

Tiny apartments are a part of living in New York City. After all, space is a limited commodity—especially in Manhattan, the nation’s most populous county. Less than fourteen miles long and two miles wide, the island’s boundaries are fixed. So space comes at a premium. Some devoted Manhattanites, willing to sacrifice living space for affordable […]

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Green NYC

Earth Day is Sunday (April 22, 2012), and it’s great to see NYC growing greener. The city could become a victim of its own success; with the quality of life soaring, so is the population. It’s estimated there will be one million more New Yorkers by 2030.  And climate change will continue making the city […]

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Street Aesthetic of NYC

A short video by young artist Christian Anderson. Anderson creates work in several medias, including painting, furniture design, and videography. While recently visiting New York, he says, “I took my camera and strolled out through the busy streets of New York City. I wanted to capture the great culture and street aesthetic of New York.” […]

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