Watch Disney Musical Performers Turn an Airport Delay Into the Best Show Ever.

If you spend enough time traveling in the United States chances are you’ve been stuck in LaGuardia airport. It’s crowded, hectic, full of people from all over the world, and pretty darn stressful. But at least it’s democratic. Recently the Broadway stars who makeup the casts of two of Disney Theatrical’s best musicals – The Lion King and Aladdin – found themselves waylaid in one of LaGuardia’s many terminals. But instead of grumbling about the TSA  or the airline they decided to use their time constructively, and by “constructively” we mean by staging an EPIC sing-off. We would have given an arm and a leg to witness them performing some of our favorite songs right there in the terminal, but this youtube video is as close as we can get for the time being. If you’re planning to go to New York any time soon, check out our exclusive Disney on Broadway Tour, which goes behind the scenes at the New Amsterdam theatre to show you how these very performers bring Aladdin and the Lion King to life on stage. You’ll even get to try on their costumes!