The 9 Essential Items on Your Packing List for New York

Commuters on a New York Subway. | Photo by David Lytle

When making a packing list for New York City there is one thing you have to keep in mind above all else: NYC is a walking city. Even though it’s constantly crammed with vehicles the locals know that the best way to get around will always be on foot. Unsurprisingly, walking is also the best way to soak […]

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The 10 Best Museums in NYC You’ve Never Heard Of

Photo b Eden, Janine and Jim.

The list of the best museums in NYC is long and hotly debated. Whatever you’re looking for, New York probably has a museum dedicated to it, no matter how esoteric. While we’re used to hearing about the most classic ones like the Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art , and the Guggenheim, the city is also […]

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Geeky Guide to NYC

geeky guide to nyc

There is something for everyone in our geeky guide to NYC It’s safe to say that there are countless NYC guides that cater for shopaholics, history buffs and foodies but it’s about time the nerdier Big Apple tourists were made aware that the city also has plenty to offer them. From some of the best […]

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The Most Romantic Things to do in New York: Winter Edition

Central park in the snow by Ralph Hockens |

As the backdrop for countless romantic movies, New York City has worked its way into the pantheon of incredible places to go for romantic weekend trips. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, here’s our list of the best ways to maximize the romance on your next visit to New York, with tips on what to see and […]

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A Night in Bushwick

a night out in bushwick

A night in Bushwick is not to be missed New York City neighborhoods are constantly rising and falling in popularity and, what was once an area to be avoided, can fast become the new ‘it’ place to spend a Saturday night. One neighborhood on the rise is Bushwick in Brooklyn. With its dive bars, hipster […]

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A Sugar Lover’s Guide to Brooklyn

a sugar lovers guide to brooklyn

Doughnuts, cupcakes, waffles, sundaes—everywhere you turn you in New York City there is another restaurant or diner serving tasty sweet treats. But, it’s not only Manhattan that offers the sugar fix you desire. Just across the bridge, Brooklyn is harboring some deliciously sweet secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Our New York based blogger […]

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How to See Live Music in NYC

Photo by Giovanni Volpato via Flickr:

If the streets of New York could sing, they would play a rock opera. Or maybe a Broadway musical – something grand enough and detailed enough to encompass the many layers and facets of the city’s rich musical history. As a hub for live music, New York City provides a vast variety of options for […]

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