Pillow Fight NYC 2012

NYC can be a stressful place.  It takes a lot of hustling to survive (let alone thrive) in the city.  So, not surprisingly, New Yorkers love an excuse to cut loose. There’s the craziness of our Halloween Parade, flash mobs like the No Pants Subway Ride, mayhem like SantaCon, and this Saturday…Pillow Fight NYC!

Pillow Fight NYC

Pillow Fight NYC Photo:Jeff Dobbins

April 7, 2012 is International Pillow Fight Day (breaking out in over 100 cities worldwide).  This year’s NYC pillow fight, our 7th annual, is the Bunny edition.

Folks will gather in Washington Square Park wearing bunny ears (pajamas welcome) and toting pillows.  At 3:00pm, a signal will be given, then it’s on!  It will be every bunny for himself as the pillows begin to fly.

The only rules – Bring soft, feather-free pillows, don’t hit anyone not participating, and take your pillows with you or deposit in available donation boxes.

See the website or Facebook page for more information, then grab your pillow and get your tail to Washington Square Park.

Pillow Fight NYC 2011

Feathers flying Photo: Jeff Dobbins

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