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New York’s Haunted Houses

Merchant House, NYC

New York is a magnet that has drawn in people since its founding.  In fact, many New Yorkers are so rooted in the city, they refuse to leave…even after death.  With such limited space and layer upon layer of history found at many locales, it’s little wonder that New Yorkers, both alive and deceased, coexist.  […]

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Autumn in New York: A Guide to Fall Fun in NYC

Pond in Central Park, NYC

“Autumn in New York, It’s good to live it again.” So goes the classic song by Vernon Duke…and we couldn’t agree more. Every fall the trees turn dazzling colors, the air begins to chill, and the cultural calendar heats up, making it a wonderful time to be in NYC. There’s so much to see, experience […]

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Halloween in NYC: The Best Events (Updated 2014)

Village Halloween Parade, NYC

Halloween in NYC is a big deal—so if you’re in New York City and looking for the best Halloween events, you’re in the right place! Every October, storefronts and stoops are decked out with pumpkins, fake cobwebs, and plastic skeletons. Halloween-themed shows, costume shops, interactive Haunted Houses, and horror-themed parties suddenly pop up all over […]

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Haunted New York Cemeteries

St Pauls Churchyard, NYC

Some New York cemeteries are lovely, some are creepy, and some are… haunted. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, New York City has always been crowded. Space and real estate are such limited (and valuable) commodities that disposing of the dead has posed some unique challenges. Potter’s fields have become treasured parks […]

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Edgar Allan Poe, Master of Macabre…and New Yorker

Edgar Allen Poe Brady portrait

Edgar Allan Poe wasn’t just a poet and writer of macabre masterpieces: He also was a New Yorker! Known as America’s first great lyric poet, Poe is often associated with Richmond, Virginia and Baltimore. But he moved to New York City at 22, eager to make his fortune. And the city became the home of […]

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Ghosts in New York: The City’s Most Haunted Theaters

If you like haunted houses and ghost stories, then head to some of New York’s most haunted locations: its theaters. Sure, it’s all bright lights during the show. But after the audiences exit and the theater goes dark, a solitary object remains on stage: the ghost light. This tradition of placing a lamp with an illuminated, […]

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NYC Halloween Events 2012

Halloween is BIG in NYC. New Yorkers love an opportunity to dress up, cut loose, and misbehave. Halloween events take place all over the city, from family fun to terrifying haunted houses. Here’s a roundup up this year’s events: Ongoing – Ghosts of New York Tours – describing NYC as “America’s most haunted city,” Victorian-costumed […]

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