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New York’s Must-See Skyscrapers

NYC Skyline view

Chicago may have invented skyscrapers, but New York made them works of art.  Since the 1890s skyscrapers have sprung from the bedrock of Manhattan, creating a skyline that embodies the city’s energy, ambition and power.  NYC is home to hundreds of soaring towers, which are regularly being created…and sometimes recreated.  Here are several of New […]

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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York: A Visitors Guide

St. Patrick's Cathedral, NYC

New York’s Saint Patrick’s Cathedral is a magnificent symbol of faith in the heart of the city.  Seat of New York’s Catholic archdiocese, it is the largest Gothic cathedral in the nation, covering an entire city block.  Every year, over five and a half million people are drawn to St. Patrick’s for worship, spiritual consolation, […]

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George Washington’s New York

Washington Federal Hall

New York City was the scene of some of Washington’s greatest military trials and political triumphs. Washington called the city “a post of infinite importance”—and he may even have coined the term “New Yorker”. So it comes as no surprise that several important sites associated with Washington’s life and career are in New York City, […]

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New York’s African Burial Ground

African Burial Ground

New York City’s African Burial Ground is a hallowed place in Lower Manhattan.  A national monument, it is the historic final resting place of approximately 15,000 African New Yorkers, both free and enslaved. History of the African Burial Ground Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, the African Burial Ground was the most significant site for […]

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The Lower East Side: Exploring Lower Manhattan’s Hot ‘Hood

Ludlow Street, NYC

America is a “melting pot,” and New York’s Lower East Side? The heart of the cauldron. For two centuries, the neighborhood has been the crowded, chaotic home to wave after wave of immigrants. The energy of the new arrivals infused the teeming streets, and the culture that developed on the Lower East Side profoundly changed […]

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Haunted New York Cemeteries

St Pauls Churchyard, NYC

Some New York cemeteries are lovely, some are creepy, and some are… haunted. And that shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, New York City has always been crowded. Space and real estate are such limited (and valuable) commodities that disposing of the dead has posed some unique challenges. Potter’s fields have become treasured parks […]

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Prospect Park: Brooklyn’s Green Oasis

Long Meadow, Prospect Park, NYC

Prospect Park is a stunning 585-acre green retreat in the heart of Brooklyn. Bordered by the diverse neighborhoods of Park Slope, Prospect Heights, Crown Heights, Windsor Terrace, and East Flatbush, the park attracts over ten million visits a year.  Park-goers enjoy running, hiking, skating, team sports, picnics, fishing, barbeques, birding, sledding, and horse back riding.  […]

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