Walks of New York’s New Video Series

Walks of NY Tour, NYC

Exploring Greenwich Village’s tasty Food Culture

Walks of New York has launched a YouTube Channel!  The site features a series of original videos offering insider tips and candid advice on New York City.

Walks of New York is dedicated to helping visitors, as well as New Yorkers, enjoy the best of New York City.  To that end, we’ve created a variety of in-depth walking tours (led by local experts) and articles on NYC’s sights, food, culture and events.  Now, Walks has produced a video series offering local advice for experiencing the city.

In our Essential Guide to NYC, New Yorkers offer advice on a variety of fundamental topics, from taking a taxi to navigating the subway and favorite mobile apps for NYC.  You’ll also learn the average cost of a cup of coffee, a hot dog from a street cart, enjoying a cocktail, budget dining and taxi fare.

We have also created brief videos on specific topics, like mastering the subway system or taking a taxi (without being “taken” for a ride).

For more information and advice on New York, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  And stay tuned for more great videos on NYC, including sneak peeks of our acclaimed walking tours.

Please join us to explore the city’s rich culture and history.  As any New Yorker will tell you, the best way to experience NYC is to take walks.

Orchard Street, Lower East Side, NYC

Exploring NYC’s historic Lower East Side.

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