When to Visit NYC

Mall, Central Park, NYC

The Mall, Central Park Photo: Author

The best time to visit NYC?  That’s a highly subjective question.

Some love the Holiday Season (mid-November to New Year’s Day), when the city is decked out in dazzling holiday decorations and there are lots of cultural events.  Others loathe the season’s massive crowds, frigid temperatures, and whopping expense.  Summer offers out-of-door pleasures and plentiful festivals and events (most free) …along with sweltering heat and humidity.

Harlem in the Snow, NYC

Harlem in the Snow Photo: Author

NYC has four distinct seasons.  December – February can occasionally be bitterly cold and, while relatively infrequent, snow storms make it difficult to get around.  June – August is a great time to explore the city, particularly the parks, beaches, and surrounding areas.  However, the heat and humidity can sometimes be intense, greatly impacting one’s comfort.  In general, April – early June and September – early November have the most consistently pleasant weather (with the caveat that “normal” weather patterns are increasingly a thing of the past).

Here are NYC’s “average” climate statistics

NYC Weather Stats

With so much to see and enjoy in NYC, if you are prepared for the extremes of weather conditions, any season can be a wonderful time to visit NYC.

Water Taxi Beach, Governor's Island

Water Taxi Beach, Governor’s Island Photo: Author