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A Sugar Lover’s Guide to Brooklyn

a sugar lovers guide to brooklyn

Doughnuts, cupcakes, waffles, sundaes—everywhere you turn you in New York City there is another restaurant or diner serving tasty sweet treats. But, it’s not only Manhattan that offers the sugar fix you desire. Just across the bridge, Brooklyn is harboring some deliciously sweet secrets that are just waiting to be discovered. Our New York based blogger […]

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West Village Restaurants

Dine in style and enjoy scrumptious Italian fare in the best West Village restaurants When most tourists think of the best place for Italian food in New York City, they usually conjure up images of the quaint streets of Little Italy. However, there’s another NYC neighborhood that should be on all Italian food lovers’ radar – […]

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Sardi’s Restaurant

Relive Broadway’s golden past in Sardi’s restaurant Located in the heart of New York’s glitzy theater district, Sardi’s restaurant is a must for Broadway fans in the city. This classical eatery, located smack dab on West 44th Street, not only serves up delicious eats – it’s also the best place to absorb New York’s rich […]

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Best New Restaurants NYC

The best new restaurants NYC has to offer Vegan, gluten-free, Mediterranean, Asian – whatever food tickles your taste buds, New York has it.  One thing is guaranteed in this city, there’ll always be a new eatery everyone is raving about for you to try. To stay ahead of the food pack, here are 10 of the best new […]

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Best New York Hotels 2015

The very best New York hotels 2015 There’s always somewhere new to eat, drink, shop or sightsee in New York and the hotel scene is no different. Each year a crop of exciting new NYC hotels emerge on the scene, each offering an authentic New York experience. Whether you want a high fashion haunt or […]

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Best Craft Cocktails in NYC

Little Branch, NYC

Few places in the world offer better craft cocktails than New York City. With the advent of cocktail culture brimming over from London in the late nineties, the city that never sleeps has opened it’s late night doors to a new crowd of drinkers. Craft cocktails are an homage to the golden days of drinking…even […]

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Best Restaurants in Times Square

Times Square, NYC

Times Square is one of New York’s must-see destinations and a very popular place to dine. For those staying in the area or catching a Broadway show, it is an ideal locale for a meal or snack. But finding the right eatery in Times Square takes some know-how – there are plenty of bland chain […]

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