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The New World Trade Center

New World Trade Center

The World Trade Center was an integral part of NYC before it was destroyed by the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.  The violence of the attacks, loss of so many innocent lives, and the massive physical devastation were deeply traumatic to New York City.  But after a decade the eyesore known as “Ground Zero” […]

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Rainy Day Fun in NYC

Rainy Day NYC

New York is an ideal city to explore on foot – except on rainy, snowy days.  When the weather turns foul, umbrella-wielding pedestrians clog soggy sidewalks and the parks become a muddy mess.  The Met Museum, MoMa, and Macys are certainly great choices to avoid the elements: unfortunately most people make that same choice and […]

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NYC’s Neighborhoods

Joralemon Street

New York City is usually perceived as a monolithic metropolis…but it’s actually a collection of distinctive neighborhoods.  According to the Department of City Planning, NYC contains 339 neighborhoods, ranging in size from just a couple city blocks to sprawling districts.  Apart from their geographic boundaries (which are frequently disputed), NYC neighborhoods are defined by their […]

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